Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday Photos

It's been a day of birds and ice. Oh, and a dog. Can't forget the dog because he was sweet.

It was a cold but calm morning for a walk on the trail. Just the barest hint of a dusting of snow. Lots of bits of ice - we had heavy rain on Thursday, the river and creek banks overflowed and the subsequent cold snap has left patches of beautiful ice art.

Side and back views of the male Hairy Woodpecker

Mallard drakes

A male Northern Cardinal

And Ringo. He was out for a walk with his human.


  1. The perfect art and Ringo the star!!! ;-))

  2. Such beautiful shots...especially the ice art and the cardinal. I imagine the company of that sweet baby dog made your day on the trail that much more enjoyable.

  3. As usual your pictures are gorgeous. The First ice shot could be a mosaic....I also love the back view of the woodpecker and of cours Ringo the star!

  4. Brrr. I knew you would chill me before my time. We have had some unusually warm weather - in the 60's today.

    Beautiful photos, Elaine. I love the first shot. It would make a nice card. Of course, those cardinals always make for a colorful shot.

    Thanks for taking me along on another winter wonderland walk, and for introducing me to your canine friend.

    Skipper says Gray needs to get a little exercise.

  5. I do love Cardinals and Woodpeckers! Nice shots of wintereon it's way. Today here though it is plus 5 after a frosty few days.