Saturday, November 13, 2010

Busy Woodpeckers

It was a beautiful morning

and a banner day for Woodpecker sightings

An adult female Downy Woodpecker

And a couple shots of an adult male Red-bellied Woodpecker


  1. I love woodpeckers...the ones outside of my head I mean. {When I get headaches it feels like they're living and pecking away on the inside of my skull!! :-))} They're so beautiful!

  2. woodpeckers are so fun to watch and listen to. on my walks I can hear them first and then look up and try to find them. they are very elusive.

  3. Lucky you I have not seen a woodpecker in about a year. XXX Don

  4. We adore woodpeckers - they seem to frequent our yard and trees so we see them often. Your photos are awsome!

    (I am anxious for that nest to get there~~~!)


  5. I love watching the seasons change on your blog. Beautiful photos as usual, Elaine. I know we are all settling in for a long winter, but in no time, you will be showing us the baby doves of spring.

    I am still catching up from my trip. Hope you got my last email about me getting home after I received your email.

    Hey to Geoff. Love to Gray from Skipper.