Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tippings Pond, Town of Massey Drive

The small town of Massey Drive is located just outside of Corner Brook, Newfoundland. Corner Brook is a hilly city and Massey Drive is even further uphill - sometimes there is a dusting of snow on the ground there before Corner Brook sees a flake.

When we took Tucker for a walk on the trail around Tippings Pond the weather was lovely - a beautiful late summer day (Tuesday, August 31st).
The trail is a mixture of gravel and boardwalk and winds 2.2km around the pond.
Here and there were signs of changes to come.
Tucker took advantage of the opportunity to take a quick dip in the pond. So we finished the walk and headed home in the car with the smell of.....wet dog.....


  1. Just got back from a walk around Tippings Pond and we both missed you. Now we miss you more!

  2. What a lovely photo of a happy dog! That walkway just beckons, doesn't it?