Wednesday, September 29, 2010

in the name of the United Way

It's amazing what people will do to raise funds for the United Way Oxford campaign. The agency I work with, Regional Support Associates, is an affiliate of Woodstock General Hospital and today there was a bbq lunch in honour of the campaign at our workplace.

One of the innovative ways funds were raised this year was through a "jar" campaign. Money was collected by volunteers in a competition between various members of the management team. The person whose name was on the "winning" jar had to dress in costume for the bbq. In fact, three of the competitors appeared in costume.

I told them that if they were brave enough to appear in front of staff in costume then they'd better be prepared to appear here in my blog.

l - r: Randy Hicks, Manager CCU/Dialysis, wore angel wings
Trish Goodall, Food Service Manager (the winner)

and Perry Lang, Vice President Services and Captain America?!

Congratulations to everyone who made the event a success.

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