Sunday, September 12, 2010

East Coast Trail - Cobbler Path

My time on the east coast was spent with my brother Rob and his partner Caroline in Outer Cove, north of St. John's. Just down the hill from their house is an access to Cobbler Path, a section of the East Coast Trail. Caroline and I took a stroll on the afternoon of September 3rd - the views are amazing.
The arrow in this photo is next to a set of stairs that will lead you to a view of Logy Bay.
Caroline, can you find yourself in this photo?
And this is only one section of the East Coast Trail - isn't it incredible?


  1. WOW that looks amazing Elaine. I must remember NEVER to go on that path, all those steps.The veiws are amazing I bet you enjoyed yourself. I cant believe summer is fast fading I lay in Hospital last week and literally watched the trees changing colour. Canterbury hospital is by Kent and Canterbury cricket club and they have some wonderful mature trees. I didnt want to be in hospital but the scenery wasn't too bad. XXX Don

  2. that last shot of the walk to that point of land looks terrific!

  3. you know I want to walk that trail. It doesn't look like a trail for the faint of heart.

  4. That is one path.! Those are breathtaking photos, and I'm sure the walk is, too.

    Thanks for the post cards. I actually got both of them! One came a little late. I will be sending you a couple from Italy in November. My trip will not be as long or as exciting as yours, but it's a getaway.