Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Gravels Trail, Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland

Today we walked The Gravels Trail along the coast of the Port au Port Peninsula.
The weather conditions were ideal.
At first glance, it would appear that the ground in this photo is covered by tree roots. It is much more likely that these whitish snakes of wood are juniper tree trunks growing as tuckamore due to strong winds along the coast.
We saw Common Loons....
and Northern Gannets.
We enjoyed more of the view and
watched others enjoying the view
...and we were simply awed by it all.


  1. Another great day I see. Nice photos.

  2. absolutely stunning photographs - so beautiful to wee the way that you portray nature - thank you for sharing these!


  3. Thanks for sharing .. it makes me want to be there to see it all in person

  4. Love your bird photos. And that last one of the wood with his curls that look like breaking waves.

  5. I very much miss the area from when I was there. I lived there between age of 11 to 18. Never seen anything more beautiful.

    1. It is indeed a beautiful area Robert. I was born in Newfoundland and lived there until 1988. I still go "home" as often as I can.