Friday, August 6, 2010

First let me state that I love my job. That being said, it's a beautiful fresh morning and I'd rather be home on the veranda doing a crossword puzzle.....
From August 2010

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. wouldn't it be great if doing crosswords on the veranda -were- your job? somebody's gotta have that job...

  2. Happy Friday Elaine. I haven't done a crossword in ages. We don't take a daily paper any more and it was when we did I used to do or try to do the crossword.XXX Don

  3. Happy Friday to you too. Maybe you can fit in some crossword on the veranda when you get home from work.

  4. It's Monday, so Happy Monday. Well, only 4 more days before Saturday - always a silver lining somewhere.

    Nice photo, Elaine.