Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Things Barry made me think of - Friday Shoot Out

“We shall not cease from exploration
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started
And know the place for the first time.”

This T.S. Eliot quote is at the bottom of Barry Fraser's blog, An Explorer's View of Life. Barry and his lovely bride, Linda were enthusiastic participants from the early day of FSO, first from Barry's blog and then from Barry & Linda's Friday Home Town Shoot Out blog. Barry passed away on Monday, July 19 having shared much with us including the journey he and Linda lived after his cancer diagnosis in March 2009.

This week's topic, "things Barry made me think of " was suggested by NanU - she understood how much Barry inspired this rag tag group, so I'd like to say thanks to her for giving us this opportunity to reflect.

One thing that Barry made me reflect on is community. And not just community in the sense of the towns and cities we live in but in the broader sense - the pockets of people we gather with, whether online or in person. Sometimes for a cause, for fun, or to reflect.
The Friday Shoot Out is just such a place and Barry was a participant who enlightened and encouraged us, made us laugh and cry (unwittingly). I will miss his humour, his insight and his walks with Lindsay that he so generously shared with us.
But the reality is that we all look up to the same moon at night and, for me, Barry will still be here under that moon with the rest of us who have been blessed to have known him in person or from afar.

Elaine Dale photo, July 2010


  1. What a beautiful beautiful tribute to Barry. Wonderful. Barry is the brightest star shining on us.

  2. Elaine, what a beautiful tribute. Barry also made me reflect on what defines "community" and ties us all together. You have put this into words so well, and your photo is a perfect illustration.

  3. A great tribute, he'll be watching us from above.:(

  4. we all have such fond memories of Barry. What a wonderful man. great tribute to Barry.

  5. Very beautiful tribute to a good man. He will be missed! Thanks for sharing.


  6. That's a lovely tribute, Elaine. Like you I was always impressed by Barry's sense of community. I'm sure his home town community will miss him dreadfully! I love how you presented your post and the moon!

  7. Lovely, Elaine, just lovely.

  8. What a wonderful tribute to Barry and Linda and I am so proud to be sharing this day with everyone who loved them and who they loved back. A great post. I had to change my Queenmothermamaw blog to Daylily and wanted you to introduce you to Daylily. Blessings

  9. That was a beautiful tribute hon!! You are so right..community..he was all about that! Your words honor him hon..thank you! Hugs, Sarah

  10. Elaine, if anyone could bring me home for a visit, it would be Barry. Thre are others of you that I put at the same venerated level as Barry. It is good to visit. God bless.
    Thanks for the feeling post.

  11. Yes, the moon is still up there. Barry inspired us, and so many of us are writing tributes to him.

    I wonder if any one else would be so loved by many. Barry was very special.