Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tonight on the Trail - My World Tuesday

Tatarian Honeysuckle
Baltimore Oriole
Side view of a Rose-breasted Grosbeak
The first Forget-me-not of the season (filtered)
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  1. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos from your walk. All of them are beautiful but i love the first photo [of the honeysuckle].

    Again, beautiful.

  2. Beautiful walk, Elaine. Gosh, it almost seems likes yesterday that I walked along side you on a snowy path.

    The seasons are beautiful, aren't they? Thank you for capturing them for us, and inviting us all on your lovely walks. I am so glad I can shed the coat now.

    Great nature shots!

  3. I just love your photos! The forget-me-not is magical!

  4. Hi Elaine. I love the corn flower to. Thanks for sharing your world.XXX Don