Saturday, May 22, 2010

A new four legged friend

This morning Geoff was off to do an interview for his latest New Farmer profile for the Canadian Farm Business Management Council website and I went along for the road trip. He interviewed John Jobson in the Glencoe area - it will be posted to the CFBMC website the first week of June. The current interview on the website is one Geoff did with John's friend, Eric Simpson.

The peak of John's cattle barn is dressed with a Maple Leaf.

So, while Geoff and John were talking cash crops, beef cattle etc., I was set to read in the car in the driveway. Then I saw this lovely lass in the distance.

Her name is Morgan and she's two years old. She wanted me to get out of the car.

She gave me a woeful pleading look.

And then she got really persuasive.

So I got out and joined her only to discover she was conning me into taking her portrait.

We had a lovely visit.

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  1. Cute pooch. Animals can be like that. John's dog Bro is a media hound. Whenever I take pictures he is always sticking his nose (or tail) into the shot. - Margy