Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mourning Dove update

I've been terribly slack with my dove updates this year so I'll bring you up to speed.

Our resident doves showed up really early this year - our first sighting on the window sill was on March 5th. They spend some time nest building, finally settled in and Chicks #1 & #2 hatched somewhere around April 4th.

By April 18th they were ready to leave home and off they went.

The adults decided to move to a different location for brood #2 - they moved to our next door neighbour's window sill. So, Chicks 3 & 4 were born there.

They fledged three days ago and this morning as I headed off for my walk I opened our front door to this scene.....

Whether she was just giving it a dry run or whether she'll settle in is anyone's guess. We'll know within a couple of days. Will keep you posted.


  1. Elaine, these are precious! I really enjoy the mornin doves around here but have none so close!

  2. How exciting! Do keep us posted.

  3. What fun. We love watching our swallows nest and have babies. How many broods do they have in a season? - Margy

  4. Elaine, it was the mourning doves that first got me hooked on your blog. So good to see them back. Hopefully she will find that hanging basket to her liking, huh? That is a beautiful photo.