Sunday, April 18, 2010

Today on the trail

Everyday there's something new to see.


Marsh Marigold buds

Trilliums are starting to bloom

A pair of Geese looking for a nesting spot?

Have a great week everyone!


  1. My, how the trail has changed, but the photos are as beautiful as ever.

    A new season is upon up and I look forward to viewing your photos without my coat on.

    I officially retire at the end of April, so I will have more time to visit. Skipper has been scolding me for not visiting all our friends, especially Gray.

    Snuggles from Skipper.

  2. PS: I look forward to following the adventures of your doves again this year. I know Gray does, too.

  3. Scattering great shots of the trail flowers now that Spring has finally sprung! Also Patty if you happen to read this...Congrats on the retirement!


  4. Love the trillium flower. Lovely effect too. Was that in camera or post ?

  5. For C. Larochelle -
    The effect on the Trillium is from Picasa 3 and I think it's called 'center focus'. I also used the same effect on my header. You can control the size of the clear spot and the degree of the blur AND you can move the clear spot around until you're happy with the placement.

  6. Patty, our first pair of dove chicks were foisted out of the nest by their Mom sometime overnight. I'm guessing they're somewhere close by in the neighbourhood. The parents are now piling twigs on our neighbours window ledge so they may roost there this time around.