Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fun in the city - part 2

It's amazing how many free things one can find to do in a city. I had emailed my cousin Sara to see if she was available for lunch on Wednesday and she said no, but was I free to got to a free noon hour concert at Roy Thomson Hall? Sara's partner, Kelly, was singing in a choir and organ concert. The music was lovely, what a treat. The choir was a combination of the Viva! Youth Singers of Toronto, some adult choir members and organist, Michael Bloss.
Clockwise from top left: the exterior of Roy Thomson Hall, the mass choir, the organist, and the ceiling of the Hall.
After the concert I went to see the King Tut Exhibit which wraps up on May 2nd at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Of course, it was a "no photos" situation so please visit the link for more information.
I did see these lovely spring blooms on my walk back to the hotel.
My last shot that evening was of the exterior of the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum)as we walked from Morton's Restaurant to the subway on the way back to our hotel.

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