Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My World Tuesday - a new lifer!

A couple of days ago I spotted what looked like unfamiliar ducks on the water at the Brick Pond on Springbank Ave. Now it doesn't take a lot to be an unfamiliar duck, or any other bird for that matter, for me as I'm a casual birder. But I do know when it's something I haven't seen before. So, tonight after dinner, Geoff and I went for a closer look and found 2 female and and 3 male Common Mergansers. Cool! (l-r, female, male)

They were at a fair distance but are still identifiable on these grainy shots. Females have a very distinct crested head. (l-r, male, female)

Before we know it, we'll be seeing Great Blue Herons and White Egrets on this pond. Ah yes, spring....

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  1. That first picture is just wonderful. Such an action shot. The other morning I was standing by the woodstove and saw a female Merganzer swim past. I moved slightly to get my camera but it was enough to scare her away. - Margy

  2. Ohhh, I can't wait to see some close ups! I know you'll get them!

  3. Shabby Girl, As much as I'd love to get close-ups, they're apparently skittish but keep your fingers crossed for me!

  4. Margy, It wasn't that difficult to get the "action" shot as the males were fluffing and preening quite a bit. The 3 of them were vying for the attention of the 2 females.