Thursday, February 18, 2010

Will Barry's ears ring?

At 2pm today, Thursday, February 18th I will be ringing a bell along with Barry and hundreds of others around the world. We will be ringing bells in celebration of the fact that Barry will be completing his course of chemotherapy at Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto.

Please take the time to read these two posts to learn more about the event:

The Bell and You

and Bells for Thursday

My choice of bell happens to be one in a little plastic ball that our cat Gray chases around the house. So I will take a moment at 2pm at work tomorrow and ring a bell for and with Barry. I hope whoever you are and where ever you are, you might take a moment to ring a bell too. We can be a bunch of ding-a-lings together!


  1. I'm there! What a great huge movement of support. I can read the headlines now: "Authorities Worldwide Try to Solve the Mystery of Why Everyone Began Ringing Bells!"

  2. Impressed. What a wonderful way of sharing his celebration, Elaine and I love how you've pulled it together in this post. I shall ring my bell today as well...I'd better find one now.

  3. My ears are ringing Elaine, and it's a wonderful feeling.

  4. Good luck to Barry! I was there over 7 years ago, getting treatment, and fortunate to be here. But the treatment and encouragement given by staff was great too. Just saw your blog Elaine, nice photos... from a fellow Newfoundlander.