Monday, February 15, 2010

New lifer for me

Today I took a few photos, from across the river, of a small flock of birds that was flitting up and down the riverbank. I didn't realize until I enlarged and cropped the photo that the birds were Cedar Waxwings - I'd never seen one before. So here they are, grainy because of the distance, but clear enough to identify - one at the edge of the river and two about to land.


  1. Wonderful capture, Elaine.

    Skipper made Gray a Valentine's card but then the other cats started to play with it and...well, you know what happens when cats play with paper.

  2. They are just grand! I have never seen one in person either. Nice capture.

  3. I love looking at the pictures of Cedar Waxwings in my bird book! What a treat for you to actually see one!!!