Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friday My Town Shoot Out - 1st Anniversary

This week we're celebrating a full 52 weeks of the Friday My Town Shoot Out. This great idea was started by Patty and Reggie Girl and we thank them for their part in all of this.

This week we were encouraged to go back and revisit a favorite theme from the past year. Anyone who has ever visited my blog will know that I tend to photograph a lot of birds so it probably won't surprise anyone that I'm revisiting "birds".

This first photo is of one our resident Mourning Dove parents with a fledgling from the very first pair of chicks in 2008. This was the start of the first flying lesson - and, at this point, I think the parent was getting ready to scream BOO! to frighten the little one off the railing, they had been perched there for about an hour when I took this photo.

This is typical of the luck I have when trying to take photos of Red-tailed Hawks....

A very flexible and curious swan.....

And finally, here is Gray in one of his classic bird watching poses.

For more fun from the FSO gang, please click here.


  1. Memes are a lot of fun aren't they. When I looked at Gray's picture in the sidebar it reminded me that we have a kitty (actually three) visiting us with their human while she gets settled in Bellingham. Her Buffy looks a lot like Gray with the white feet and chest. It has been so much fun to have a cat around the house again. - Margy

  2. I really like the red tailed hawk shot - that's about how mine turn out too!

  3. I love the first photo, looks like the big bird is looking after the little one eh?

  4. Just browsing through the blogs and found yours. Great picture you have here. That red tail picture is pretty cool despite the takeoff. Looks a lot like my attempted raptor photos as well!

  5. These are absolutely great. The red hawk and the very oddly twisting swan! Loved them!

  6. I like that hawk taking flight. This is now my challenge to shoot birds when they are flying,

    The swan too is really funny.

  7. Ahh, those two doves are so cute, and I love the little story. But that cat shot is a classic! Love it!

  8. I have been trying to put together a few photos. No time.

    Love your "memories" and your choice of photos. Of course Gray is my favorite.

    Oh, we was caught in the act on the table. I know that look. Great shot, Geoff.

    Have a great weekend.

  9. I guess you can't have the bird theme without the cat too!