Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bells for Barry

Be it ever so humble, this is the bell I rang for Barry. At 2pm today I opened my office window and shook this little cat toy so that I could release the sound of the little bell inside into the great wide world. Along with many other blogging friends, I was celebrating the fact that Barry finished his chemotherapy at Princess Margaret Hospital today – and he was ringing a bell there to mark the occasion.

We need to celebrate victories, no matter how big or small , whether they have permanence or not. I have a beloved cousin in palliative care right now as a result of cancer. She is on oxygen and morphine but still communicating, still laughing and still knitting cotton dishcloths. Celebrate what you can, when you can.


  1. I rang my dinner bell loud and clear and woke the cats up! that's one for you Barry!

  2. beautiful sentiment. see you tomorrow in your town plaza.

  3. Heard your bell while I was ringing.
    Blessings to you.

  4. How clever of you to use Gray's bell-ball to celebrate Barry's milestone. Gosh, Barry, so many bells. Shows how much we all love you.

    Tell Geoff to poke Gray to see if he is still alive. He has not moved in a week.

  5. I love it!

    And I am completely overwhelmed by the support!

    Thank you Elaine!

  6. what a wonderful, thoughtful gesture Elaine - I, too, have two friends today in hospital having to deal with cancer in different ways
    God bless you, Judyxx