Saturday, January 30, 2010

Tartan Fields, Woodstock, Ontario

There's a brand new shop in downtown Woodstock! Julaine Halashewski has opened Tartan Fields a little Scottish/British Isles shop that honours the ancestry of one of her Grandfathers who was from Scotland.
You'll find tartan, sweets, jewellery and many other lovely things.

Pay Julaine a visit and see what Tartan Fields has to offer.

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  1. wonderful and what a sweet thought to open the shop in memory of her grandfather

  2. Looks like a wonderful shop. Love the heritage that goes with it. You should highlight more of your businesses.

    Sweets, you say? Yum.

  3. Delightful shop. In Woodstock. Excellent. The family connection is important; thanks for including that detail.

    BTW: Is that the same Woodstock, ON that's a suburb of Tavistock, ON?