Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday afternoon photo op

Finally, a reasonable shot of a Red-tailed Hawk! Geoff and I often see RTHs when we're driving but they are usually at a distance or we are in a situation where we can't pull the car over safely. This afternoon we drove past the Brick Pond on Springbank Ave. here in Woodstock as we'd spotted a RTH in the distance there yesterday. No luck today, so we continued on up Springbank and on to Juliana towards Walmart. Just as we were approaching the Vuteq building Geoff said "There's one up there!" and sure enough there was a hawk sitting on top of a street light. So, with no vehicles behind us we were able to pull over and I took a couple of shots. This almost makes up for the fact that I was taunted by a Belted Kingfisher yesterday which wouldn't pause long enough in one spot for me to take a photo.

So I'm relatively pleased with this RTH photo, considering the gray, rainy weather contitions. As for the Kingfisher, there's always another day.....


  1. Congratulations! I know the effort that has gone into stalking the hawk with camera. Nice capture.