Saturday, December 12, 2009

White vs. Red

And I'm not talking about wines, I'm talking about Nuthatches.

Trail walking on November 11th, I saw this White-breasted Nuthatch (left photo)busily looking for dinner.

From birds

And the sweet little bird on the right is a Red-breasted Nuthatch which had breakfast at our almost empty woodpecker feeder this morning.


  1. You have so many great bird posts! I love your banner picture with the snow and horses. We are supposed to get snow this week, but I think it will be a light dusting. I hope so, we are driving back to Powell River from the States and I hate to drive the winding road when it is slick. If it can wait until we get back to the cabin it can snow all it wants! - Margy

  2. Our nuthatches all look like the right-hand picture - I didn't know there were two types in some places. I love the way they go upside down to eat :)