Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today on the trail

I hope you'll enjoy this snowy walk on the trail. So here we go, over the bridge and into the woods.....

Just a skim of snow, and the ice is starting to form along the sides of the river.
Gone to seed.
In the calm.

And a little friend who followed me along the trail, managing to find the little bits of green still visible.
From December 2009


  1. beautiful pictures. love the reflections.

  2. Nice walk. It was too cold here to walk for long and too much snow. I love the water shots and your little friend!

  3. Glorious hike!
    I'm impatiently waiting for a bit of snow here. There was a thin skim of ice on the outdoor catwater this morning, so there's hope for some soon.
    Have a good Sunday!

  4. What beautiful photos!!!

    Will the river freeze over?

    Did I tell you I was in Windsor in 1975-77. That first winter was the coldest ever, minus 28 degrees.

    Now I can't stand the cold.

    Have you done all your christmas shopping yet?

  5. Hi everyone! Yes, it was a beautiful walk. I was also wearing new boots which, I'm happy to report, were comfy and warm. Ann, I have about 95% of my Christmas shopping done so I'm pretty happy about that. How about you? Windsor is often a few degrees warmer than us but this morning we're both at 1 degreee celsius with rain - yuck!

  6. My, my, my. What an excellent walk. I feel refreshed. Thank you so much for taking me along. You live in a very picturesque place!

  7. Putting me in the holiday mood - snow does that. Being from Georgia, I did not see much snow when I was growing up. Even in our part of Maryland, we get little snow and it is gone so fast we hardly knew it was here.

    You captured each scene perfectly. The first one makes me wish we had a little snow this Christmas. It was in the fifties today, but we did have a cold snap come through a few days ago.

    Keep those photos coming.

    Why do cats do that? Get under the tree and glare at you? I think they are taunting us, making us wonder which ornament will be the next to go. Or perhaps they think they are invisible.

    Sometimes, when Skipper is playing invisible, we walk around saying, "Where's Skipper? Where could he be?"

    He lets us act like idiots for a few minutes and he suddenly appears with a look on his face that reads, "I was invisible but now I'm back."

    And we say, "There's Skipper!" He smiles and walks away.