Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fill a Cruiser

I was initially a bit alarmed when I parked at Sobeys (our grocery store) this morning and saw two police cruisers, a number of uniformed officers and a member of the canine unit. I quickly realized that it was all in aid of the "Fill a Cruiser Food Drive" which was a project of the Woodstock Police Service and the grocery store.

Customers were able to purchase bags of non-perishable grocery items for either $5 or $10 and the officers were loading the bags into the cruisers for donation to a local food bank.

My kudos to the officers (two legged and four legged)for being out and being cheerful on such a bitterly cold morning!


  1. Ohhh it does look so cold.

    It's down to about 20C right now at 8.30pm on Sunday night ....

  2. Looks really cold. And "fill a cruiser" is a great idea!

    Love your wintery header! (And where did you get that snow again? I had it on my blog last year but can't find it this year...)

  3. Brrr! What a wonderful cause. I wonder if you bought a bag to put into the cruiser.

    Our local Petco is taking donations for the homeless pets in town. I'm going down there today to give my donation. It bothers me to see animals suffer.