Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A walk in the woods

Today, November 11th, is Remembrance Day here in Canada . Geoff and I were walking in the woods as it was marked this morning at 11am. If you look closely, you can see a yellow plane in this photo, it is a Canadian Harvard. The Canadian Harvards are part of the annual Remembrance Day ceremony at the Cenotaph here in Woodstock.

While we were taking our quiet walk in the woods we heard Chickadees and Cardinals, and saw this White Breasted Nuthatch looking for lunch.


  1. what a beautiful clear sky and I hope you enjoyed your walk.

    The Imperial War musuem in London has put on display letters that were sent from the front during WW1 and snippets have been read from them on the TV and radio - my word how we need to remember and thank those who died during those terrible conflicts and the many who are still dying in wars around the world today.

  2. Linda and I watched the Remembrance Day ceremony on CBC and were moved by the crowds and by the faces of the veterans. The local news also showed the ceremonies at Hamilton Airport and one of the last Lancasshire Bombers still flying.

    They were impressive, but not as beautiful as the nuthatch.

  3. Wonderful sky. How lucky to catch that yellow plane.

    Sorry I have been out of the loop. The newspaper has been keeping me busy. Really busy. Too busy. Way busy. Argghh.

    I have been missing your photos and of course the adventures of Gray.

    He certainly looks handsome today.
    Skipper says hi to his buddy.

  4. Great photos. It was certainly a beautiful day!

  5. Scattering...nice picture of the plane and I love the bird picture. Your bird pictures are what first drew me to your blog.