Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday afternoon photo op

Geoff and I enjoyed a walk on the Youth Start Trail here in Woodstock this afternoon and we saw two Woodpeckers, this female Red-bellied Woodpecker:
and a female Downy Woodpecker:
Hope you saw something wonderful on your walk today!


  1. Beautiful photos Elaine! Birds are notoriously finicky models, jumping away the second the shutter is pressed.

    But you got em!!

  2. Oh, the second woodpecker looks so soft and furry. It's really cute. It's so nice to catch wonderful things out and about.

  3. You take the most glorious photos.
    Those two are so cute!

  4. The only experience we've had with woodpeckers was a bad one. One adopted our cabin as his home and started pecking his way under the roof. It was quite a task to convince him to move somewhere else, but we did. You can see it in my category of Birds. - Margy

  5. I love "your" woodpeckers, they are special birds.

  6. Excellent photos. You sure know your birds and how to photograph them.