Monday, October 12, 2009

Thanksgiving weekend

Scenes from this Canadian Thanksgiving weekend.

A Black Capped Chickadee

The clubhouse at Craigowan (Oxford) Gold and Country Club

The totem pole on the far right in this photo is at the entrance to Different Seasons Landscaping. Like the one in my Friday Shoot Out post on the theme "aged and weathered", this totem pole was made by Jason Triemstra.

This is the back of a building in Tavistock that just happened to catch my attention.

And finally, a barn. I'm such a sucker for barns.


  1. I'm a sucker for barns too. I really love your country club photo. I like the B&W effects with the color in the center. It's absolutely gorgeous. Love it, love it, love it.

  2. All of your photos are lovely, and it looks to have been a peaceful Thanksgiving day.
    Sucker that I am for birds...the Chickadee knocked me out!

  3. Oh, Elaine, these are fabulous. Rich colors and wonderful subject matter for fall. If I had to judge these in a photo contest I would have to disqualify myself because I would give them all blue ribbons.

    Tell Gray that Skipper likes his napping spot. Gray does know how to strike a pose and, Geoff, you are always there to capture the best of Gray.

  4. Wonderful photos. Especially the barn and the chickadee. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. Some great photos, Elaine. I love the Chickadee.

  6. You have some amazing images on your blog. Love this series here. It's really good! Following now! :)

  7. Skipper want me to check on Gray. I told him he was having a long nap. That is a good one Geoff.

  8. Ooo...I especially like the red painted brick building. Nice contrast, the weathered wooden awning and one pane missing from the window.