Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Scenes from my travels

Not much time or opportunity to post so here are some images from the past week.

Laundy drying at Woody Point - my apologies for the reflection from the car window, sometimes you just have to grab the shot when you can....

A lone cross on a cliffside hill on the Port aux Port Peninisula

The view from the deck at Sandy Point at 6:30 am.

Garden peace in Campbellton.


  1. Nice pictures!
    I love the early morning lake. For me it's a shame that the sun comes up so early on just the days I have off to sleep in.

  2. You've been around! My favorite is the Campbellton Peace.

  3. I always love to see clothes on a line. Something very calming about it, unless you are the one having to do the laundry.

    Sandy Point is beautiful. We have a Sandy Point light house in Maryland.

    Nice garden photo, too.

    Hurry back or Gray will be frozen in that position forever.

  4. Can't you just smell the clean in that laundry hanging in the breeze?
    And don't you wonder what might be written on that cross?

  5. Elaine, your photos are so beautiful. It does the soul good just to see them!

  6. Elaine, your photos are so beautiful. It does my soul good just to look a them. They enrich me somehow.