Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Newfoundland 2009

All photos were taken in or near Gros Morne National Park, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Still life on the beach at Lomond

Looking down from the Seaside Restaurant on boardwalk at Trout River

Seaweed on Shallow Bay Beach

Arctic Tern seen from the trail at Green Point

View from the breakfast table at Gros Morne Resort

The cliffs at Western Brook


  1. Aw Elaine....the view from the breakfast table?..... Stunning. I just want to go there and have scrambled eggs on toast! Can you organise that for me please?

  2. Beautiful. I love the rocks and the tern. Love them all, of course.

    Breathtaking scenery. I so need a vacation.

    Poor Gray has not moved.

  3. Gorgeous! And so peaceful. I especially like the shells among the rocks.

  4. what a wonderful set of inspiring, inspirational and though provoking photos - enjoy

  5. It's like taking my whole vacation all over again through your pictures. Looks like we were at the same restaurant in Trout River. I really want to go back and take more time, it felt like a whirlwind tour for us, but I think we've learned our lesson. What airline do you take to Newfoundland and where do you land? - Margy

  6. Beautiful, beautuful photographs. I love the pebbles and your banner is breathtaking. Up until last week I had Dial-up and now that I am wallowing in Broadband I can appreciate your amazing photography.