Friday, July 31, 2009

New header

I'd like to thank my co-worker and friend Anne for coming up with the brilliant idea of sunflowers for my blog header. When she mentioned it, I rummaged through my mental photo file and was pretty sure I knew where to find a shot. Sure enough, right where I'd left it - in a folder from August 2008. Thanks again for the idea Anne!


  1. Oh Elaine, what a gorgeous photo! Really, I feel like I can reach out & touch those flowers!

  2. It is just stunning - rich and beautiful!!! Loove it!! Sarah

  3. Its beautiful, Elaine !!
    I love sunflowers, I have 3 sizes growing in my garden right now, great to attract bees to 'shoot'!!

  4. beautiful - my sunflowers in the garden are now beginning to wilt but they certainly have been glorious and I have enjoyed them.