Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nest update - brood 3, 2009

As I posted on Sunday, our doves are back! The last two chicks fledged last Wednesday and by Sunday morning the two adults were nest building again - this time they are above our front door again. On Sunday the two babies stuck around during the construction phase but are now hanging out in the neighbourhood.

Assuming that the new eggs were laid on Monday, they should hatch around July 20th and fledge around August 3rd.

Here's Papa covering the day shift.


  1. This is the coolest thing I have ever seen! I am so grateful to you for posting these updates!

  2. Scattering...
    Your ongoing chronicle of the doves is so interesting...thanks for posting.


  3. Wow those guys are prolific! Thanks for keeping us abreast with their story. This is such fun.

  4. Wonderful photo diary you are keeping on the doves. You should be on one of those wild animal shows talking in the whispered voices they use, "Now here is the head of the male dove. I think he sees us..."

  5. We have had a tough year for baby birds at my house this year. Not sure why. Well, I take that back. Roadrunners. Robbers of the nests! Ppsshhhttt!