Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Help, I need an intervention.....

This photo is proof that I shouldn't play around in Photoshop Elements when I'm eating mint chocolate chip yogurt.....innocent photos get brutalized......

the more I tried to rescue it the crazier it became.... It was a heck of a lot of fun though!


  1. I just got my photoshop elements, classroom in a book, book & cd about an hour ago at my front door. I plan on going from the lesson one to the end of the book! I'm so frustrated at getting, or downloading, these numerous software products and not knowing what to do with them.
    This one, I'm learning. Wish me luck!!!
    I still think the photo of yours is beautiful! Man, what a spot!

  2. Ha ha ha! Intervention team is on the way - should be at your house within the hour!

  3. Scattering...
    Good job! The subject goes well with the effect. I think I will try the mint chocolate chip yogurt trick and see what I come up with! It worked for you.....

  4. Actually, I like it. It is kind of haunting. I half expect to see a ghost pop out from behind one of those trees and float over the water.

  5. It's funny, the more I look at this "yogurt" accident, the more I like it too. One of my co-workers said it reminds her of the movie Labyrinth. Thanks for the positive feedback everyone.