Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sunday afternoon photo shoot

We went out for a drive this afternoon and encountered this traffic jam just outside of Paris (Ontario, not France).

This spot has always appealed to me, there's something "wide open spaces" about it.

Lovely downtown Paris.

I spotted these peonies growing in abundance next to a parked tractor trailer truck.

And finally, this heron flew over us on our way back home.


  1. Stunning! That second picture is so beautiful! Love Paris (Ontario - not Paris LOL!)

  2. Our Paris doesn't quite live up to its European counter part, but your beautiful photography is giving it push in that direction.

  3. Looks like a traffic jam in our town.

    I love the photo of the quiet little Paris.

    The second photo is awesome. I love the way the fence and the landscape play with each other.

    The flowers are just lovely.

    And hey, isn't that one of our herons?

    Stop disturbing Gray so he can finish his bird watching, and get into something else.