Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday afternoon photo shoot

A little birdie told me that there were a gazillion Canada Geese babies at a pond at a local manufacturing facility. Boy, was the little birdie ever right! We stopped by there today and there were parents and goslings everywhere. Needless to say there was also goose poop EVERYWHERE.
Mom and Pop plus seven.
Mom and Pop plus six. And the blur is something small (sparrow?) flying across my shot.
After gingerly stepping around the poop we popped down to the Youth Start Trail to see if there were more blooming irises - and there were.
Also lots of Spotted Water Hemolck (white) and Cultivated Flax. I've used Photoshop's Smart Blur on this photo.


  1. Love your photos. I think you should do a blog with a daily post of your cat. He is the first thing I look for when I come here. Adorable. I never know what he will be into.

  2. What lovely shots! The Canada Geese are certainly something to see- large families! WOW!