Saturday, June 27, 2009

Saturday Photo Hunt - Flags

This coming Wednesday, July 1st is Canada Day and it will mark the 142nd anniversary of the Confederation of Canada.

Here are two shots of our flag on clock towers. Clock towers mark the passing of time and, in the first photo, the passing of a seagull as well. This tower is in Toronto.
This clock tower and flag are on City Hall in Stratford, Ontario.
This view of the unfurled flag gives a better perspective of the Maple Leaf.
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  1. Love it when the wind blows the flags straight out so as to see them really well.
    Happy day!

  2. I have always loved that maple leaf in your flag... the maple has such gorgeous colors in the fall... it gives a fresh feeling as it waves there. My flags are up here.

  3. Great choices for the theme.

  4. Oh my, what beautiful shots! You are an amazing photographer!

  5. it's gonna be my first time to celebrate Canada Day since we moved here Aug. of last year.You have a cool photos. I have Canada's flag too in My PhotoHunt:Flags Thanks.

  6. Lovely shots of the clock towers. Fun capture with the seagull on the first one.

  7. O Canada! Great shots.

    And Gray looks like he is on the job again.