Thursday, June 4, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Random

A few random shots I've taken in my community - Woodstock, Ontario, Canada - over the past 12 months.

I have two of my favorite morning stops in this drive-by photo. Williams Coffee Pub is a great place to pick up a muffin on the way to work. 7-11, right next door to Williams, is a convenience store and gas bar extraordinare. I often pick up a Globe and Mail, a lottery ticket or cappuccino and chat with the top notch staff. I also get my Canada Post Offical First Day Covers at the postal outlet here. The green turret looking feature in the upper left of the photo is Old St. Paul's Anglican Church peeking through the trees.

I found this spider basking in the glow of the early morning sun.

Snowy white egrets on the Brick Pond Wetlands.
An autumn Saturday morning at the Woodstock Farmer's Market.

Morning frost on the golf course at Cedar Creek.
And finally, a favorite snack spot - Bartley's Ice Cream! Bartley's closes during the winter and we know spring is around the corner when it re-opens.
Thanks to Robyn for chosing the Friday Shoot Out theme for this week (Random) and to Patty and Reggie Girl for being the masterminds behind the Gang. Cheers everyone!


  1. I loved Random, I'm random most days. Your random was great.

  2. great random shots! I especially like the golf course with frost. That is so pretty!

  3. Great shots! I love the golf course, and the farmers market. As well, I am very much a fan of spiders, so that one made me smile!

  4. The spider shot is stunning…the golf course looks like a painting…love your drive by random shots!

  5. Nice photos... I enjoyed looking at them.

  6. Ice cream. Yum. My husband got excited over the golf course, and the market looks great.

    Wonderful collection of random shots. I kind of like the idea.

    And I am always interested to find out what that cutie pie cat is doing.

    Nice spider shot, too.

  7. beautiful photos - I would love to check out that coffeehouse.