Friday, June 12, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - "M"

This week Sarah Lulu of the Friday Shoot Out gang picked the theme and she chose the letter "M" in honour of her granddaughter Matilda.

Some "M"s where I live.

Traffic moving past the Springbank Snow Countess monument -moooooooving.
Woodstock Museum.
Our buddy Mike at our neighbourhood 7-11 store.
A movie at the Oxford Drive-in.
The corner of Main Street. My husband enteraining his Mom.
Hope everyone has a marvellous weekend!
Thanks again to Patty and Reggie Girl for starting all this fun. You'll find names of other Friday Shoot Out participants on the right side of this blog, please take the time to visit some of them.


  1. Great picture! I love the human approach that you took, capturing Mike, your husband and his Mom - very nice. And I LOVE the museum. Next time I am in your neck of the woods, I really must visit Woodstock. It looks so charming.

  2. Love them all, but I like the museum, mom, and movie the best, though Mike is a nice addition.

    I almost had a "Main Street", but when my husband was driving me around he went zooming by the sign (you know how men are), and said everyone would have a Main Street. I told him everyone did not have a Main Street, and no one has a red "Main Street" sign with a crab on it.

    I wish we had drive-ins around here. I have not seen one on the Lower Eastern Shore since we have been living here.

    I see your cat is still in jail. He must have been a very bad boy.

  3. Loved them! Thanks and happy "M" day to you too!

  4. nice look around your town. I too like the human approach you have here. cute one of your husband and his Mom.

  5. very nice photos - Main Street is cool. We don't have a main street where I live.


  6. We have Main Road. :D

    I loved the last one especially.xx♥

  7. I like that you still have a drive-in and not a huge cineplex like we do. I miss the drive-in!

  8. I enjoyed your "M" selection of pics.

  9. Your pictures are the essence of the country surrounding Woodstock. I love to see your pictures. They let me leave the city without the 401 drive. Thank you for sharing. The magic of a senior's smile is awesome. I love the look of recognition on her sweet face. Hugs.