Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Shoot Out - Colours of the Rainbow

Thanks to Debby in Germany our theme for this weeks Friday Shoot Out is Colours of the Rainbow (and being Canadian, I put the "u" in colours for good measure).

Here are some splashes of colour I found here in my town, Woodstock, Ontario, Canada.

Red, yellow and blue playground equipment peeking out from behind the bridge at Southside Park.
A pink peony in my garden.

My orange Liz Claiborne purse -I love it!!

A black and yellow bumble bee visiting the mauve blooms on my chive plant.
And a multi-colour display of hair products at my stylist's salon, with a bit of artistic assistance from Photoshop Elements.
And last, not least, a shout out to Patty and Reggie Girl for starting this madness in the first place.


  1. Awesome pictures Elaine! I love the purse as well - great color! And the mauve blossoms on the chive plants - gorgeous!

  2. nice array of color! love the orange purse also.

  3. I love your colors, especially love the purse~

  4. Those purple flowers with the bumble bee have my vote, what a fantastic shot!! Love the orange purse. I have been seeing a lot of orange here in my town and seemed to have more shots of that color then any other in my post. I guess orange is "in". I love that color!! By the way, I noticed how you spelled "colour" right off, cuz my children learn english in school, but British english and so they spell things differently then the american in me!! Debby

  5. Yes, Debby we spell a lot of words with the added "u" in Canada as we are considered part of the British Commonwealth so we have "humour" and we have "honour" etc.

  6. My favorite is the hair color products...there is a depth and richness in there that grabs me.

  7. Well, look at you! You have gone fancy on us with filters. I love that last shot. I am such a sucker for filters.

    The playground photo is such a fun photo in more ways that one.

    Love the way you captured the bee, and the colors in the flowers are super.

    You can say one thing about that purse. If someone snatches it from your hands and runs down the street with it, you will be able to track him from a mile away. I love it!

    And what is Gray doing sleeping in so late? There are things to be done.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  8. Great shots! Love the purse!

  9. I love all of them. :D xx♥

  10. I love the orange purse too. Great pictures.

  11. Not too far away from me, are you? (Vermont)

    I've been to Ontario once in my life, with my daddy when I was five years old...for a hockey game :)

    I still remember how odd it was for me to hear everyone speaking a language so fast that I couldn't understand (we went to McD's).

    Nice Shootout rainbow's. I like what you did with the hair products :)

  12. I like the orange purse - it might look good in an orange corvette ;). Thanks for stopping by.