Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday My Town Shoot Out - metal

The Friday "My Town" shoot out is comprised of a bunch of scallywags who run amuck with their cameras capturing fun stuff to share. There's no greater scallywag than Audrey who chose "metal" as the theme for today's shoot out.

These metal construction cranes are on site at the new Woodstock General Hospital property. I work in a building at the current WGH and know that medical staff are eagerly anticipating the completion of the new faciltity and the modern state of the art space it will provide.

This unusual character is known as the Iron Man and he stands at the north end of the city where Highway 59 becomes Vansittart Ave. This perspective doesn't really do him justice - he stands about 10 feet tall.
The metal peeping through the trees on the Youth Start Trail is a train box car. The trains run along one border of the park. It's a little surreal to be walking through the woods and suddenly see and hear a train creep by on the elevated rails -more metal.
This group of signs and the tractor in the distance account for a few more bits of metal. I like the pop of the signs against the blue sky.
This one is a bit of a cheat. This iron beaver sits atop a doorway at 1 Front Street in Toronto (not "my" town) but it's so cool, I couldn't resist including it here.
Patty and Reggie Girl cooked up the shoot out cockamamie idea awhile ago and a cast of thousands -okay, a lot less than a thousand - has hopped on for the ride. You find the cast list on the right side of this blog. Please try to visit a few if you can. There's no end to the fun!


  1. He is a funny little iron man alright!I like him ,and the box car one the best. Have a wonderful weekend.x

  2. Awesome post, you little scallywag! I also love the signs against the blue sky - very nice. And I love the peak at the train through the trees. You are a clever one, Ms Elaine!

    P.S. can I get you to add my link to you list? Thanks ;)

  3. Oh, and Kerri at

    Thanks Elaine!

  4. great choices for this weeks theme. I like the signs the best also. great post!

  5. love the iron man, but that beaver sneaking in to the shoot out from out of town wins my vote!!! Great shot. I love the way you write, with lots of humor that keeps me smiling on this end of the post. Delightful!! Debby

  6. These are perfect for your search. I'm always awful at participating in photo hunts. I can never find what I want and lots of what I don't want.
    Thanks for welcoming me home!

  7. I really like the road sign photograph. It's deep.

  8. I can't believe the gov't is actually building a hospital instead of closing them. I love your Ironman and you snuck into town to get the beaver eh? Well done! He is the perfect ending to a well put together shoot. You are an amazing photographer!

  9. Being a fellow scallywag I forgive you for the beaver. I can see how hard it would be to resist.

    And besides the number one rule for the Friday shootout is that there are no rules.

  10. I'm a fan of the running metal man. And glad to have found your post.

  11. I enjoyed your selection of metal pics. The one peeping through the trees to see the box car is my favorite.

  12. I love that squirrel. Also like the signs and the iron man.

    Your hospital looks like our hospital with all that construction going on.

    Looks like Gray is giving his daddy some special attention on Father's Day.

    Happy Father's Day.