Saturday, June 13, 2009

Drive-by wedding

We were driving through the campus of the University of Western Ontario in London today when we saw this young bride and groom walking down the street. The attendants were following close behind but I wasn't quick enough to get a second shot.

It reminded me of another young couple we saw on our first day in Las Vegas in May 2008.


  1. Came by to see what Gray was up to today. What a surprise to see the lovely photo you posted.

    That is one photos that needs no words!

  2. Tell Gray I hope I did not disturb his bird watching.

    I love the hat the young man is wearing.

  3. I love it when happy photo ops like this land in my lap - like a little surprise gift.

  4. What a fantastic shot! Really beautiful!

  5. HI! Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and seeing how things are with me in my little world. They have been busy, and I haven't had much chance to be on blogger all week. I have been missing it. And I see that I have been missing out on lots of fun. Love your drive-by pic of the wedding couple! How, to be young and in love once again!! And your Friday shoot out pictures were great, you came up with some real nice "M" things. Always a pleasure to stop by here. I hope all is well with you, Elaine. (so interesting that you are a Newfoundlander by birth, it has always always been one of those places that I have wanted to see since the time that I was a kid. I fly over it each and every time I go from Germany to NJ!). Debby