Wednesday, June 10, 2009

ABC Wednesday - "U" is for undulations

We live in an old house (circa 1860) and many of the windows have ripples or undulations in the glass. This is a view out through one of our livingroom windows.

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  1. LOL - I think that I would be constantly cleaning my glasses and rubbing my eyes to get a more "clear" view!

  2. Love the window shot. It looks like something in a dream.

    Oh, "cutie pie cat" (I don't even know his name) should not be depressed. Tell him I am better. Not really, but you can tell him that.

    I have a shoot tomorrow and more through the weekend. The news must get out, so I will hobble on and do my duty.

    Give him a hug for me. We won't tell our cats, though.

  3. Patty, cutie pie's name is Gray as in "Gray a Day". And of course, he's gray and white.

    Audrey, the waves only look that dramatic from certain angles. If you look straight out through the window, instead of at an angle, things look pretty normal.

  4. I love it - it has a magical look...

  5. What a fascinating photo! Very dreamy looking.

    Thank you, on behalf of the ABC Team.

  6. Goodness, that's some seriously old glass!! I love window panes like that, but it must be difficult to see properly through them. I suppose you just get used to it?