Tuesday, June 16, 2009

7 things challenge from Audrey

I’ve been challenged by Audrey to list 7 things about myself and pass it on to 7 other people. I’m going to switch it up a tiny bit and suggest that anyone who reads my list should feel free to then do the same on their blog, let’s see how big this can get!

1. I’m a red head. When I was a small child this caused me no end of grief as I got the usual nicknames: Red, Rusty, Carrot Top. However, by the time I reached my teens, I came to the conclusion that anyone could have brown or blonde hair but that there weren’t many of us natural red heads around. I’ve loved my hair colour ever since. I make a point of telling children who have red hair how beautiful it is. Now that I’m in my fifties, God is giving me natural highlights so my hair colour is changing as more and more white appears.

2. I’m a first generation Canadian but a seventh generation Newfoundlander. I was born in Newfoundland as were my parents and grandparents (and many of my greats) but they were all born before Newfoundland became Canada’s 10th province in 1949. I was born in the ‘50s so that makes me (and my brother and most of my cousins) first generation Canadians. When my parents were born (1928 and 1929) Newfoundland was ruled by Responsible Government and was part of the British Empire.

3. I’m a registered participant in the National Geographic’s “ Genographic Project”.

4. My love of photography started with a camera left behind in Gander International Airport in 1961. My uncle worked there at the time and turned the camera in to Lost and Found after some poor hapless traveler left it in the airport. When no one claimed the camera during the appropriate wait time, my uncle got to take it home. When he died far too young two years later the camera was passed on to my Dad. I was still a young child but became captivated by the beautiful crisp photos my Dad took with that camera and eventually asked for my first camera for Christmas when I was eleven.

5. I never balk at telling people my age (53) as my mother died at 44 when I was just 17. It’s a privilege to be in my 50s.

6. Some people can wiggle their ears or their nose – I can wiggle my scalp.

7. I have seen six members of the British Royal Family in person : The Queen and Prince Phillip, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, The Queen Mother and Prince Edward. I wasn’t close enough to hug them but hey, we can’t all be Michelle Obama.


  1. Fascinating facts. Never knew as much about Newfoundland as I know now. Always find people have very unique reasons for turning to photography too.

  2. Elaine, what a great and fun list! I loved it! So, for your #1, all I can say is that over the years I have paid a lot of money for - I mean.....I have been a "natural" redhead! I love red hair!

    #2. Very cool!
    #3. Hope you blog about this some day - I would like to know what it means.
    #4. I have heard that the item most often left on an aircraft is cameras! This always seems so odd to me because I have my camera glued to my body at all times!
    #5. So true!
    #6. Whaaaat???
    #7. You are the only person I know who has actually seen Princess Diana in person! What a memory that would be to have!


  3. Cool about meeting all that royalty.

    What fun. You should do a video wiggling your scalp for us. Put Gray on top, too.