Sunday, May 24, 2009

The word is out!

Apparently the word is out that this neighbourhood has great "nesting doors" for Mourning Doves. Our neighbours across the street, Heather and Paul, have a pair back for the second year. There is a window above their front door as well and their pair of doves have chosen the right corner to nest (ours prefer the left).
Here is a closer view.

In the meantime, I was dog sitting and Nitrous was totally oblivious to all the bird talk and photography and was on the look out for cats.....cats who were probably on the look out for birds. No four or two legged creatures were harmed in the making of this blog entry.


  1. I'm thinking if your doves prefer the left and across the street they prefer the right, then it might be a magnetic directional thing - like they all prefer the Eastern corner?

  2. don't you love the sound of the morning dove - in the morning - I think it makes early morning coffee taste better

  3. J9, you could be right - in fact both nests are in the eastern corners. And the nest in the tree on our lawn is on the eastern side.

    Ginger, I wake to the sound of the doves (and many other birds). There is something so soothing about their cooing.

  4. Maybe you could set up a B&B for them. Nice photos.