Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sunday afternoon photo shoot

If we had to count the things that friendship adds to our lives the list would be as long and varied as the number of friends we have.

Today I explored the Youth Start Trail which is part of the Millenium Trail system in and around Woodstock. The one and only reason I ended up there today is because my friend Ronalee mentioned it to me this week. See, an excellent item for the friendship bonus list. When we chatted this week she talked about what a lovely peaceful trail it is and that she was puzzling over what type of iris was about to bloom there. So today I was seeking a quiet place for a stroll and thought I would seek out the mystery irises.

I found peace and quiet, irises and so much more....

An finally, Ronalee, here are the irises.....
I'm guessing they might be cultivated rather than wild. One thing for sure - they are beautiful.
Thanks Ronalee!


  1. What a beautiful walk! I would get lost in there for hours, I know! Stunning photos!

  2. Beautiful photos. The river photos remind me of the Hooch in Georgia. We lived on the banks of the Chattahoochee River for 14 years. It was in the foothills of the Northeast Georgia Mountains. The only thing I miss about Georgia (I lived there all my life) is the mountains and the trees.

    I like living by the bay and near the ocean, though. I guess one would have have to pay top dollar to get both mountains, trees, and ocean or bay, so I can at least say I have tried them both.

    Nice photos. And how is your cutie pie cat today. Aren't they just into everything? I have five like that.

    At least, in the summer months, I can open the front and back doors, and they can go out on the porches and play "tigers" and get out of my hair for a few hours of the day.

  3. Patty, my cutie pie cat just finished a dramatic hacking and coughing event which launched me out of my chair and he never did throw up a full ball. Aren't they fun? Of course he's prone to fur balls because he's an indoor "tiger". He stalks me for lack of better prey.

    If I had my druthers I'd be by the sea as well. But I enjoy the scenery here in my adopted home as well. Glad you liked today's shots.

  4. I took the walk with you via your photos an was blessed by the experience. Take care, Judith

  5. Thank you for the beautiful Sunday afternoon walk, it was just gorgeous!

  6. Gigi and Judith, I'm glad you felt like you were along for the walk. Gigi, I'm November 10th myself and my parents were the
    7th and the 9th. My brother, alas, is a Pices having been born in March.

  7. Elaine it was a beautiful walk we went on one on Sunday we skipped chuirch and took the daughter and her two boys between Herne Bay and Canterbury my scooter got stuck on the rought track through the woods and we had to turn back but I completed your walk fom the comfort of my chair XXX Don