Friday, May 1, 2009

Our Town Shoot Out - Architecture

I love the theme this week, there's no shortage of interesting architectural detail around Woodstock.
This is all that remains of St. Mary's Catholic Church (photo, Nov 2008) after demolition last year.

A closer look at the window over what was the main door.
Woodstock Collegiate Institute (high school) was constructed in the 1940s. The detail on the main entrance is beautiful.
A close up of the door headers.

Originally constructed as the County Gaol (jail) in 1854, this building now houses the Oxford County Board of Health
Turrett detail from the former Armoury , constructed in 1804.
Scales of justice from the front of the County Courthouse.
Thanks to Jen for the idea for this week's Shoot Out.


  1. Fantastic shots!!!! I love St. Ann's. I love old churches and buildings. That courthouse has amazing architecture and you've captured it perfectly :)

    Steady On
    Reggie Girl

  2. Canada does have some beautiful buildings with history. I love the first and second photos. No wait. I love all the photos, but my favorite is the last one. Imagine doing all that work! You can tell the person took pride in it. I wish we had "old world" builders today.

    Thanks for the nice tour.

  3. Oh, I am drooling over some of those building.

    Great photos - really great!

  4. Oh such beautiful pictures! I really love the arch windows, so stunning!

  5. I love the detail on old buildings, you just don't see new buildings with this level of care! My favorite shot is the scales of justice!

  6. VERY GOOD - I love that you know the history of the buildings, the former jail and the armory have such a roman look to them. Some of the Roman building built during Mussolini era have this combination of Militaristic / Antient Rome

  7. I would swear that one of those buildings was my barracks in boot camp (Chicago) The arches are great. Thanks for participating. Gordon

  8. I'm loving all these old buildings!