Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have you seen this guitar?

Having been victims of a home break-in a couple of years ago, we can empathize with others who suffer the same fate. My co-worker Val and her family experienced a break-in at their home in London, Ontario last week and one of the items stolen was the custom bass guitar pictured below. I'm posting the info here as you just never know where something like this might show up. It is a very distinct item and we're hoping for Rick's sake that it will turn up.


  1. beautiful guitar and great idea putting it on here. word does get around...

  2. Great idea putting it on the Blogosphere. Hope it is found. I know your friend is just sick.

    Never had anything stolen from us (knock on wood). I think the word is out that we have five vicious cats ready and willing to scratch any intruders eyes out.