Saturday, May 2, 2009

A day in Toronto with Sarah

Yesterday I spent the day in Toronto with Sarah but you won't see her in any of the photos - she has a new haircut and wants to surprise Ian when she gets home to Newfoundland on May 10th. So, I bowed to the persuasion of a 20 year old and haven't included her in this post. All bets will be off on May 11th!

This was Sarah's first train trip ever so it was a bit of an adventure. I believe this little church was in the Princeton area as we passed through.

At one point we were stopped next to a freight train and spotted this unusual graffiti.

When we reached city it was dry and pleasant so we strolled to the St. Lawrence Market for a look. We managed to treat ourselves to a cookie while we were there.

The area around the market is such a wonderful contrast in architecture.Our plan for the afternoon was to visit the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). We took the subway from Union Station to Museum Station and as we were walking towards the entrance to the ROM we saw this installation piece. Just as we paused to look at it this young woman rushed up to us and said "It's me, it's me!" and I'll be darned it was her. She had posed for this awhile ago and was thrilled to see herself . She was also happy to pose for me standing next to herself.

I personally think it would be impossible to visit the ROM and not be impressed. How could you walk into a lobby that looks like this and not be impressed?!

From the Textiles and Costume exhibit, two photos by Sarah.

From the Lack of Costume Exhibit (just kidding, it was in the Gallery of Greece).

This beautiful building is just across the street from the ROM and we passed it going to and from the subway. Built in 1903 and renovated in 1988, Annesley Hall was the first residence built specifically for women in Canada and is part of the campus of the University of Toronto.

It was a great day and I'm sure Sarah will have more fun exploring Toronto when she has a few minutes to spare from her schedule at City of Wine.

Critter count from the train ride to Toronto:
1 Red Tailed Hawk, 3 Deer, 3 Wild Turkeys, 1 Ground Hog


  1. I know, I know! Sorry little orange guy. I believe SaraH will or has been in touch with you. I hope you can get together. I promise I will be in touch before I come to the city the next time. Forgiven???

  2. I suppose so!! Sarah and I are trying to connect -- now that will be neat!