Monday, April 27, 2009

My World Tuesday - Touring with the girls

We spent a lot of time at Pearson International Airport last week - four separate trips in fact. But every single trip was worth it. On Friday we made two trips to pick up my nieces Amanda and Sarah who flew in from Newfoundland to visit us.
Saturday evening we took in a performance of West Side Story at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival. It was a preview performance and I'm looking forward to seeing it again when Geoff reviews it when it "Opens" in June. We drove through torrential rain going to and from Stratford and when we went there again today the river was very high and the water was quite muddy - the swans still managed to look quite regal.

Thanks to Madonna and Val at the Festival Costume and Prop Warehouse for giving us the opportunity to tour the facility. Sarah is majoring in Theatre Craft for her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Grenfell College and loved every minute of the tour. The real bonus was that Amanda and I loved it too - it was great fun and we learned a lot. In this photo Sarah is taking a photo of the set for London Assurance from the 2008 season.

The detail on costumes was really worth checking out.After the tour we lunched at Foster's Inn and then stopped at Rocky Mountain Chocolate - it took the girls awhile to pick their flavours. The chubby fellow in the foreground is Rocky the resident bear.
Looking like they're practicing to be celebrities.
This statue on the grounds of the Festival Theatre commemorates the ACT III Project and the raising of the tent for the 1953 opening season of the festival.
Sarah getting cozy with Skakespeare.....
Checking out the route to the Stage Door!
We had a great day and topped it off with a view of the "oreo" cows on our way home.

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  1. Aw looks like a fun good time to me!!!

  2. I love all your photos, especially the "Stage Door" and the swans.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    Like the cows, too.

    BTW: I like the composition on the all the photos. Great job!

  3. I wish I could be there with you guys...Looks like a lot of fun. Did you have an icecream for me?

  4. Nothing - NOTHING is as good as taking our young family members around - they add a new demension to learning new things.