Saturday, April 4, 2009

Toronto inside and out, from the inside

Friday I took Via Rail to Toronto to join Geoff who was there on business. It was pouring rain when I left Woodstock and continued to rain heavily all day in Toronto - in fact, they set a rainfall record for April 3rd. But it was nice and dry inside Union Station when I arrived.
I spent a good part of the day enjoying exhibits at the AGO (Art Gallery of Ontario) but, as photography is prohibited inside the AGO, I didn't take any photos there. I wandered through most of the galleries on the first level and a couple on the second - I've saved lots for the next visit.
From the AGO I walked (could've swam) to the Eaton Centre. I picked up a Frappuccino at Starbucks in the Indigo store and sat enjoyed the wringing wet view from the windows. There's a spectacular view of old City Hall - which now houses courtrooms. But more about that building in another entry in the next day or two.
The building in this next photo is the Canada Life insurance building as seen from inside the Eaton Centre looking west.
It really was a bloody dreary day.
I did see a flock of Canada Geese ....inside the Eaton Centre....okay, okay, it is a public art sculpture called "Flight Stop" by Michael Snow. I've always liked this installation and there's no messy goose poop.
We stayed at the Sheraton Centre and there was a wonderful corridor of windows just outside our room which provided a great view of Queen Street in the rain.....
including Winston Churchill standing firm.
This morning the rain had finally stopped and I popped back Starbucks at Indigo, this time for a Hot Chocolate and a leisurely read of the Globe and Mail. A couple of pigeons dropped by for a visit.
Eventually it was time to head back to Woodstock. Geoff had finished his last meeting, I'd taken almost 200 photos so we boarded our train at Union Station and headed home. This photo is of the platforms at the station and includes reflections of my train ticket and lights inside the compartment.
More on Toronto over the next couple of days.


  1. You took some excellent shots of Toronto. I love the pigeon photo!

  2. I'd loved to have been with you, but the virtual trip was nice too. Thanks.

  3. Excellent photos. I love the one with the birds. That pigeon is a hoot.