Friday, April 10, 2009

Photo shoot out - Main Street

The main street of my town (Woodstock, Ontario, Canada) is Dundas Street. This photo was taken on a rainy morning in April 2007.
There are many, many Dundas Streets in Ontario and even a Dundas County. All were named after Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville a great friend of John Graves Simcoe, who was Lieutenant Governor of Upper Canada from 1791-1796.
There is an actual "Main Street" in Woodstock but the main drag, the downtown street is Dundas Street.
City Hall is located there -
This is a view was taken looking west last night at dusk -
our Woodstock Museum -
and last, but not least, Dundas Street is the largest section of our Annual Santa Claus Parade.
Thanks to Patty for the invitation to take part in this shoot out!


  1. I love the atmosphere in your photos. Rainy days bring out the drama.

    I've visited Woodstock and Dundas many times and they are beautiful places, perfectly situated.

  2. Barry, we really like Woodstock too. Large enough to have a good hospital, a wonderful library and enough good shopping that we can avoid the big cities except when we really want to go. We're about equi-distance between Kitchener and London so we have lots of options. Come visit us sometime!

  3. Oh, the church one is magnificent! The Santa one is pretty fab too! :)

  4. Hi there! I believe this is my first visit, I hope to see you around again next week, Ms. Elaine! :)

    That's a beautiful rainy morning shot! I love how the light reflects in the roads!

    what beautiful architecture too, it's like European Architectures!

  5. Elaine, Thank you for joining in the party. Your photos are great! Let's all have a Woodstock reunion. I'll bring a walker, buy a hearing-aid (and maybe earplugs), and a bundle of 45's. Look forward to posting Shoot-outs with you again.
    If I was looking for your blog without a link, what would I put in the search window? Gordon

  6. Papa and Mema: Woodstock, Ontario, Canada where I live is wonderful, but a whole different kind of wonderful than "that" Woodstock. Ah yes, now that was music! If you put "A Scattering Woodstock Ontario" or even "A Scattering Elaine" you would likely find my blog at the top of the list. Thanks for stopping by, I'll visit you now.

  7. Thanks for joining us this week. I love the first two photos, especially the night/rain photo.

    The Santa is very nice. Everyone loves to see Santa any time of the year!

    You have a beautiful town.

  8. Ontario is a beautiful place! As you say, so much different from my main street. Good job!

  9. This was my first week on Friday Shoot Out's too. This is going to be fun. I love the first night shot. Can't wait for next week.