Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nest update

It's the mystery of the missing eggs. I came home from a trip to London today to find that neither parent was on the nest AND the eggs were gone - if there were any eggs to start with. That's part of the mystery, I hadn't visually confirmed that there were eggs. The parents had been taking turns sitting on it since Tuesday of last week but I didn't take a chance on trying to photograph the eggs.
Maybe there never were eggs. Or maybe they've been stolen by a Blue Jay or a Common Grackle. Stay tuned, batch #2 is a no-go, let's see if they try batch #3.
In the meantime, the babies from batch #1 are still hanging around nearby. I took this photo last Friday, April 24th.
Wednesday morning: One of the parents appeared briefly last night to look at the nest but left again after about a minute. Gray is missing the activity already. We're all hoping they come back.


  1. That's too bad. Could have been crow too. I know they stole robins eggs from my neighbors tree one year. Or maybe the parent weren't ready for family 2 yet.

  2. I was wondering where your updates were. But I sure like the updates on your cat.

  3. So cute! I wonder what happened to mamma and her eggs though.

  4. Okay- I'm still watching. but where are the parents?